Rating System

We are slowly working on reviewing all of the titles on our recommended reading list.

Books receive a star-rating on four distinct criteria, and then are given an overall star rating. We review the following content:

Storyline - Does the writing flow well enough to "forget" we are reading a book? Or does the writing distract us? Are we swept away into the story? Is the plot interesting and original?

  • 1 star - Difficult to follow, hard to keep going
  • 2 stars - Lacking substance, doesn't keep our attention
  • 3 stars - Good, but predictable
  • 4 stars - Enjoyable, we're hooked!
  • 5 stars - Phenomenal, swept away into the story!

Depth - How much does this book delve into the deep things of life? Does it discuss personal and spiritual issues, or does it stay on the surface? Does it cause us to reflect on our own lives?

  • 1 star - Shallow, treads on the surface
  • 2 stars - Uncomplicated
  • 3 stars - Lighthearted
  • 4 stars - Real life issues explored
  • 5 stars - Deep exploration of life

Faith - How strongly does God enter the story? Are issues of faith discussed and explored? Do the characters experience faith in a real, personal way?

  • 1 star - None
  • 2 stars - Christian principles
  • 3 stars - Faith is real and evident
  • 4 stars - Faith is a big part of character development
  • 5 stars - God is a main character

Love Story (formerly Squeal Factor) - how much chemistry is there between characters? Does it get our emotions engaged? Do we feel what the characters feel? Does the romance go beyond a surface level to deep, lasting love?
* Note: We love our romance, but we only review wholesome books!

  • 1 star - No love story
  • 2 stars - A little sizzle
  • 3 stars - Lighthearted romance
  • 4 stars - Engaging love story
  • 5 stars - Deep, heartfelt chemistry

Overall - This rating will be close to the average of the four criteria above, but may also be based on our personal likes/dislikes and the "flavor" it left us with when done reading. This is the star rating you will see next to each title on the list.

  • 1 star - Don't even open the cover
  • 2 stars - Hard to get into
  • 3 stars - Good, enjoyable
  • 4 stars - Great, solid read
  • 5 stars - Don't miss this must-read!


  1. Hello ladies,
    Can you tell me if you accept books for review from authors or do you review books you find on your own? I am the author of a Christian Christmas romance as well as a small town romance. The small town romance is not Christian but it is a clean, wholesome book. If you're interested in reading either, I'd be happy to send a copy your way. Thank you,
    Christina Lorenzen

  2. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for your interest in our blog! Unfortunately at this time, we are only reviewing books we receive through major publishers. You are welcome to send your books to 2chicksonlit@gmail.com and if our time ever allows us to review beyond our current capacity, we would be happy to do so. Happy New Year!