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A Matter of Trust (By: Susan May Warren)

A Matter of Trust

By: Susan May Warren

There is hardly an author who is so masterful as Susan May Warren, at weaving complex characters and intricate plots together through a six book series. She did it before with the Christiansen Family Series (on our Golden List) and is doing it again with this Peak Rescue Series. Book 3, A Matter of Trust, continues the stories of the Peak Rescue Team members and spotlights a few new people we haven't known well up until now. As per her usual style, Susan swept us away into the story almost from the first page!

We finally get to know Gage Watson, former snowboard freeriding Champion, whose fame and success were stripped away three years ago when one of his fans died. Now he serves as an EMT on the Peak Rescue Team. But suddenly Ella Blair - his former love and the girl who betrayed him - shows up in his life again, begging him to rescue her brother off a dangerous mountain expedition. He reluctantly agrees but must wrestle through who he is without all the fame - and see if he can untangle matters of the heart with Ella.

Most of the depth in this book comes from the failures, betrayals, and terrible choices in the past. One thing we appreciate about author Susan May Warren is her ability to write realistic characters - and this book is no exception. There is drama and tension, but grace and forgiveness, messy situations and even some miracles.

Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of redemptions or "come to Jesus moments" for any of the characters, but faith still played a big role in Gage and Ella's journey. As they make their way down the mountain, they are confronted with the fact that God will never leave them and is on their side. Both are slightly hesitant to pray or reach out to God in any way due to the shame from their pasts.

Love Story
Gage and Ella had chemistry right from the moment they met three years ago, and despite all the time that has passed, nothing has changed there. Their journey of rediscovering love and forgiving each other is real, vulnerable, and heart achingly touching at times!

Susan May Warren is fast becoming one of our favorite authors, for the simple fact that we are so swept away in each series she writes. We love the characters and the storylines that weave in and around each book. A Matter of Trust is a solid, entertaining read that flows into the middle of this series. It continues the stories of Ty, Pete, Jess and Gage and introduces us to new characters who are sure to play a part in the coming books. Our biggest disappointment is that we have to wait another six months for the next book!.

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Note: We were given this book free in exchange for our honest review.

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