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True to You (By: Becky Wade)

True to You

By: Becky Wade

True to You is the first book in the Bradford Sisters Romance Series. Becky is one of our long-time favorite authors; we love her writing and were eager to dive into her new series!

But, before you begin, it is a good idea to read the prequel: Then Came You. While not essential to this new series, it provides very helpful background.

In the story, we find three Bradford sisters; Willow the oldest, Nora in the middle and finally Britt, the youngest.

Nora has struggled to find her place in this world. 
Willow is a model and turns heads wherever she goes. 
Britt, the youngest, is incredibly talented. 

As a result, Nora long ago decided she would be the smart one! Becoming a geologist and historical village owner, she fills her home with books, books and more books. Three years ago, she was left heartbroken and now is content living in her fictional world, a world much safer than what the real world has to offer.

John Lawson, former Navy Seal, has all the qualities of a strong and focused man. But he's been dealt a blow from his doctor that has left him shaken. Learning he has an inherited condition - but having been adopted - he now must seek out his birth mom to learn any information he can.

John is convinced Nora can offer him the assistance he needs to find his birth mom, so the two of them start the search and find themselves in each others company quite often. Nora is enamored by this striking man whom she can only dream of dating - far better to stay focused on her fictional characters as they won't break her heart! Besides, he has a girlfriend. John and Nora are extreme opposites, but they may both soon see that opposites do indeed attract.

This particular story of Becky's seems to take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The book actually starts off at a slower pace, picks up with excitement, slows down again and then ends with a pop! Becky deals with some heavy issues that both characters have had to deal with in the past, are still dealing with presently and will likely continue to deal with in the future. She also adds lighthearted, funny moments to the story as well.

Throughout the book we see that God is part of both characters' lives. However, near the end of the book, they both come to rely heavily upon who they are in Christ. They must rely on their faith and trust God is who he says he is. His plans may not always make sense, but ultimately it is best when we surrender our lives fully to Him. 

Love Story
Sometimes we find it hard to root for our two main characters to fall in love when one is already dating someone else. As the story begins, John is dating Allie and we really did not want to see sparks fly between him and Nora just yet. However, Becky dealt with this issue quite remarkably and realistically. Yes, John started to feel something for Nora but then felt very guilty for feeling so. He didn't race to break up with Allie, yet he gave it time to see what his heart longed for. Once these two are free to have feelings for each other (sorry for the spoiler) we were happy to cheer them on. They have some speed bumps to overcome and we enjoyed the theme that Becky presented: The past can be hard, and the future unsure, but all we have now is the present to fully live in!

This book took us on a journey of peaks and valleys. It was not our favorite book of Becky's, but we enjoyed getting to know all three sisters and are eager to read more about Britt and Willow's stories in future books.

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Note: We were given this book free in exchange for our honest review.

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