Friday, March 17, 2017

When Tides Turn (By: Sarah Sundin)

When Tides Turn

By: Sarah Sundin


This is the third and final book in the Waves of Freedom Series, and we finally had the chance to get the story on two characters introduced earlier! We wondered how author Sarah was going to craft the story of these two polar opposites?

Quintessa, or Tess, is known for her beauty and bubbly character; but she's tired of not being taken seriously. So she is determined to make a difference and do her part to help the war effort where she can. When she hears the Navy is implementing a WAVES program for women, she immediately enlists. But never did she imagine she would be placed in the Anti-Submarine Unit in Boston where Dan Avery, her off-limits and secret crush, works! He is determined and serious and gives his all to work. He has no time for distractions, especially from Tess. She is definitely not part of his plan or will ever be - or so he thinks.

The storyline follows much of what is taking place during the war and, like the previous books, also adds a mystery that the heroine quickly involves herself in.

Dan is set on staying the course; but must it always strictly point north, like his trusty compass? Or will he learn that, at times, you can take some twists and turns and still get back to facing north? Could the right person, even a woman, help add depth, encouragement and joy to his journey? 

We enjoyed reading and discovering the answers to these questions. Overall the book is fairly lighthearted when reading about World War II. If you enjoy history during this time period, you will truly enjoy the work Sarah has put into this novel.

All of the characters, new and old, make it a point to go to church weekly together. We also see our two main characters growing in their walks with the Lord throughout the book, primarily Dan, as he learns a lot about resting and observing the Sabbath. Both characters grow in their reliance upon the Lord's ways and timing and learn to trust in His plans.

Love Story
We cheered Tess on during this book as she has had a hard time with significant others in the past. She longs to be loved by Dan but knows he will never allow that; so she tries to convince her heart to be content with friendship. As these two interact with one another on a more consistent basis sparks start flying and we read on in hopes of a happy ending!

Overall this was an enjoyable read. Like mentioned above, if you are fond of this particular time period, you would most likely give it a higher rating. But for us, we found quite a few parts not fast enough to keep our good attention. However, author Sarah is a very talented writer and overall we feel it was a good wrap up to the series.

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Note: We were given this book free in exchange for our honest review.