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Rescue Me (By: Susan May Warren)

Rescue Me

By: Susan May Warren

Rescue Me is the second book in the Montana Rescue series and it hit the mark of a great book. Susan is starting off 2017 with a sure to be best seller! We are unsure how she does it, but we were hooked after only a few pages. Create some time because once you open this book, it will be hard to put down!

Deputy Sam Brooks is the liaison between the Mercy Falls Sheriff's department and PEAK Rescue. He is serious, determined and responsible, and is used to being the one who rescues others. He believes Sierra Rose is perfect for him - she fits his criteria of what a girlfriend should be. When he gets stranded with Sierra's little sister, Willow, and a group of teens in Glacier National Park, he finds his heart and head battling with each other on what he truly needs in a significant other.

We love Willow as a character! She is positive, always smiling, sees the good in people and wears her heart on her sleeve - which is a problem, considering she has been in love with her sister's boyfriend for as long as she can remember. However, she loves her sister and longs for her to be happy; and what would Sam Brooks see in her anyway? She tells herself to focus on her role with the youth group and keep herself away from Sam. But that is much easier said than done!

Sam has a complicated history with his brother Pete after the accidental death of their father. Much anger and bitterness exists between these two. Sam feels he always has to be the "mature" brother. Through the story, we watch these two wrestle with the past and while working to create a  connected future.

Willow has a challenging past of her own - often filled with people leaving her. Because of this she fears needing anything from others. But deep down she longs to be rescued - and fears she never will be.

Ultimately, there is one storyline that really gave the depth category a five star rating. Weaved throughout the book are the lives of a few teenagers and we get a genuine glimpse of what many just like them are experiencing. This was a powerful component. Watching Willow interact with them and getting her perspective, along with Sam's, was intriguing. It impacted us for the lives of our own children, some of whom are currently in this uncertain time of life.

Sam is holding on to anger, but it starts to consume him. He is living in darkness and ultimately has to learn the light he needs is Jesus. If we are always saving others and think we can save ourselves, is there a need for God? So used to rescuing others, will Sam learn he is actually in need of rescuing? 

Willow has a rich faith and we learn a lot about different perspectives from her. She leans on the Lord as her High Rock and understands that God's thoughts are often not our thoughts.

Love Story
Susan is once again a master at writing a romantic story that has just enough tension, heart pounding, and sigh worthy moments that make you lose sleep! You just cannot put the book down. We were kept guessing until the end how the love story would end, and she still has us waiting for more details in the next two books. We are counting down the days until book three lands in our hands.

Don't miss this second book in the series. It is filled with action, romance, faith and characters you are sure to love. Susan's ability to weave different plots together is second to none. Now we eagerly await for book three that releases in July!

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Note: We were given this book free in exchange for our honest review.

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