Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Never Forget (By: Jody Hedlund)

Never Forget

By: Jody Hedlund
These 2 Chicks are thrilled to be putting the first book of the year on the Golden List! One of our favorite authors, Jody Hedlund, whisks us away to 19th century Rhode Island for an exciting and heartfelt read.

Abbie Watson is contented to spend her days on Rose Island tending the lighthouse and caring for her aging grandfather in his growing senility. But in 1880, women were not allowed to keep lighthouses by themselves and with Gramps' declining health, it looks as though their tenure as lightkeepers won't last much longer. But when a stranger washes up on shore and mistakenly believes himself to be Abbie's husband, she suddenly has a promising reason to be allowed to stay - as long as she can keep the charade going.

Nathaniel Winthrop III has no memory of his former life, or how he ended up on Rose Island. He doesn't remember he was once engaged to Victoria Cole (in book 4 of the Beacons of Hope series), or that he was actually known as the Bad Boy of Newport. All he knows is that he is fast beginning to love Gramps and the woman he believes to be his wife. Although he doesn't know exactly what was in his past, he senses he needs to turn over a new leaf and be a man of integrity.

Author Jody masterfully crafts this plot and weaves together intricate details and storylines to make every page interesting! We were swept into this story right from the first chapter. Her writing abilities continually amaze us and this book was the best we have read by her.

Everyone in Abbie's life has left her, some intentionally and some accidentally. So, without feeling sorry for herself, Abbie has learned to be strong, figuring she is just better off alone. But as she and Nathaniel fall in love, she catches a glimpse of what life could be like in a healthy marriage. Even when the charade comes crashing down around her, Abbie is still determined to always do the right thing - even if it means giving up what she most desperately wants. Issues of abandonment, depression, deception, the reality of Dementia and integrity are dealt with. 

Even in Gramps' old age, he wants to read the Bible every night, specifically his favorite passage out of Corinthians. As Nathaniel reads this to him, he becomes interested in more of the Scriptures. Although Nathaniel isn't certain what his past holds, he is drawn to the Lord and to living an upright life. He is determined to be a man of integrity and makes some hard choices to do so. Both Nathaniel and Abbie sacrifice their own happiness at different points to be honorable. 

Love Story
The romance between Abbie and Nathaniel is beautiful right from the start. As they live together, he believing they are married and she pretending to be married, they are an inspiring picture of hard work and serving one another together. Abbie sees what a healthy, happy marriage could look like when its done the way God designed. And these two generate some serious chemistry and sparks together! And as we say in many of our reviews, we ALWAYS appreciate authors who put such a priority on purity and remaining faithful in marriage!


Never Forget is the fifth book in the Beacons of Hope series and it was our favorite! All of these books have been a joy to read, and this final book finishes it off with a bang. Exciting scenes, tender romance, everyday faith and complex characters give this book everything a good story needs. Well done Jody Hedlund!!

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