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Wild Montana Skies (By: Susan May Warren)

Wild Montana Skies

By: Susan May Warren

After fighting in Afghanistan as a search and rescue pilot, Kacey Fairing has come home to Mercy Falls. She has been invited to join the PEAK Rescue Team, and arrives just as the town is flooding and in need of her help. Eager to reconnect with her 13 year old daughter, Audrey, Kacey doesn't anticipate that Audrey's father - and her first love who walked out on her of her birth - is also back in town.

Country Superstar Ben King, also back in town for awhile, has a thriving career in Nashville. But he is shocked when his first and only true love, Kacey, shows up and tells him they have a daughter he never knew about. As he settles back into Mercy Falls, he starts to wonder if maybe his earlier dreams of fame don't hold a candle to the possibility of being a family with Kacey and Audrey. But can he really leave Nashville behind to pursue them?

Also in this story, continuing from the prequel, is Mercy Falls resident Ian Shaw and his continued desperate quest to find his missing niece. As a major clue turns up about Esme's disappearance from three years ago, the cold case is reopened and Ian's faithful assistant Sierra helps him dig deeper into the mystery - all the while battling the feelings each has for the other and toeing the line between a personal and professional relationship.

As Ben and Kacey struggle to resolve what happened between them 13 years ago, and the consequences facing them now, issues of trust, abandonment, parenting and sacrifice surface. But the places this story digs the deepest regard Ian Shaw's depserate search for his niece, and the inner drive that keeps him going. The question of why Esme left him, his need to be in control and save the world haunt him. Author Susan does not give easy answers to any of these things, and leaves us hanging with a few things to be resolved in later books. (Which she is so maddeningly good at!)

Additionally, some of the main characters either have a broken past to deal with or currently have great pain to contend with. Broken families, past mistakes, and unfulfilled dreams are addressed.

Every main character in this book has to reconcile themselves with God and their choices. Some of them feel God isn't on their side but come to realize He has been there all along. Psalm 23 is a comfort and a guide throughout the book and is used, quoted and applied often.

Love Story
Love is complicated, messy and difficult at times but it can overcome a lot of mistakes and difficult circumstances when strong enough. Additionally, it's demonstrated that love isn't always pleasant and happy, but sometimes it's honest and telling the truth - even when it hurts. In this book, the chemistry between some of our main characters was electrifying! The wide range of emotions are easily felt by the reader too.


Susan May Warren has given us a lot to look forward to in this new series! In her typical fashion, she weaves a lot of different storylines together, while resolving some in this book and leaving others to be resolved in later reads. Her characters are well developed as usual, and both lovable and realistic at the same time.

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Note: We were given this book free in return for our honest review

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