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The Wedding Shop (By: Rachel Hauck)

The Wedding Shop

By: Rachel Hauck


Decades apart, two women want to help others achieve their dreams through The Wedding Shop, even if each may never see her own come true.

In 1930's Tennessee, Cora has inherited the shop from her aunt and delights in helping blushing brides choose the perfect wedding gown and accessories. She hopes that one day her man will finally be able to marry her and then she too can be the one walking down the aisle. But as the Depression hits, life changes forever for both her family and all the families around her. Will her waiting for Happily Ever After never end?

Today, Haley Morgan moves back home to Heart's Bend, Tennessee after her childhood best friend, Tammy, dies. She is drawn to the old, abandoned wedding shop where they used to play, promising to one day reopen the magical store. When Haley finds out the shop is scheduled to be torn down and turned into a parking lot, she takes a leap of faith and decides to renovate and reopen the shop - even with opposition from every side. Can she overcome the odds to fulfill God's plans for her future? Especially with a past like hers?

There is no one better than author Rachel Hauck at seamlessly interweaving the past and present, creating a fascinating plot with vivid detail and heartfelt characters. She tells little bits of the story at a time, leaving us hungry for more and satisfying us with answers at just the right times.

Many deep issues are touched on in The Wedding Shop. The Depression Era is often taught in history as a financial problem. Everyone knows that money was tight, and hard times were had by many all over the country. But this book explores the emotional side of the Depression as well. What must families have gone through when the dads were out of work? How did the husbands and fathers feel at being unable to provide for their families? How did the women feel when their men were depressed and when some even left their families out of shame? The raw pain of this era is boldly brought to life.

Additionally, some of the main characters either have a broken past to deal with or currently have great pain to contend with. Broken families, past mistakes, and unfulfilled dreams are addressed.

Light shines brightest in the darkest places. Author Rachel isn't afraid to show the depths of sin the human heart can plunge into, but that makes the redemption all the sweeter. And what better way to parallel what Jesus did for us on the cross, than with the white of a wedding dress and the purity of the bride wearing it? She shows through these stories that God is a God of second chances and complete forgiveness. No matter what our past holds, Jesus cleans our souls whiter than snow.

Love Story
The romances in The Wedding Shop are fulfilling pictures of true love! They are genuine, deep and contrasted against a backdrop of what true love is NOT. Past relationships and romances are shown for what they are - shallow imitations. The heartaches and joys are so well written, we felt what the characters felt and loved journeying with them.


This book was like a breath of fresh air to these 2 Chicks who have been in a drought of good reads lately. Believe it or not, this is only the second book this year to make it to our Golden List! But The Wedding Shop's placement there is well deserved. The characters are flawed, lovable and realistic. This book is raw, not shying away from the harsh realities of mistakes and life's circumstances. All loose ends were tied up and when we had turned the last page, we were completely satisfied.

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Note: We were given this book free in return for our honest review

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