Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Silent Order (By: Melanie Dobson)

The Silent Order

By: Melanie Dobson

It's 1928 in Cleveland and Detective Rollin Wells has one goal in life: to bring down the powerful Cardano mob family and put a stop to their decades of illegal activities and shady business. When he is nearly gunned down by the family's henchmen, Rollin takes refuge in an unlikely place: an Amish community. There, he is aided by a simple young woman, who reminds him so very much of the girl he once loved. 

Katie Lehman wants nothing to do with the world outside her community but taking care of Rollin forces her to face the secrets from her past. She must decide whether to pledge her life to the church or return to her roots outside of the Amish town. 

This book had us turning pages late into the night! It hummed along at the perfect pace as characters were developed beautifully and plot twists kept us hooked. Certain mysteries and secrets kept us guessing until the very end, where all the loose ends were tied up and answered skillfully. 

The reader is treated to a peek inside two vastly different worlds. The Cardano family's underground operations are dark and murderous, and author Melanie doesn't shy away from the grim reality of what life must have been like for those under their control. On the other hand, we explore the life of an Amish community that thrives on peace, forgiveness and simplicity. It's a sad and intriguing contrast all at the same time.

Rollin has spent the last decade cursing God and vowing revenge for the tragic loss he suffered at the hands of the Cardano family. But once immersed in the Amish community, he is confronted with issues of God's justice and blessing the Lord in any circumstance. The faith of his new friends is strong and lived out well, and it really rubs off on him.

Love Story
Rollin and Katie have an immediate connection that slowly builds into a deep, genuine love for each other. While their romance didn't necessarily get our hearts racing, it certainly made our hearts sigh with satisfaction as these two share tender and sweet moments!


This was the first novel we read by Melanie Dobson and you can be sure it won't be our last! She is a masterful storyteller, weaving plots together with action-packed excitement, realistic struggles and deep, touching interactions between characters. Excuse us, while we go choose another of hers to read!

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