Monday, June 6, 2016

Her One and Only (By: Becky Wade)

Her One and Only

By: Becky Wade

The conclusion to the Porter Family Series is finally here and it's a winner! We finally witness the story of Dru, the youngest Porter sibling and the only girl. Her three older brothers - Bo, Ty and Jake - all got their own stories in the first three books. Dru's story is a perfect conclusion!

Wowza! This book grips the reader from the first sentence and doesn't let up until the last. Suspense, mystery and romance clip along at an excellent pace and the reader gets lost in the story, making it hard to put down. Dru Porter has always been trying to catch up with her three older brothers in life. A former marine, she is now a bodyguard - and has just been assigned to protect an NFL player, Gray Fowler, who has been receiving death threats from a stalker. Gray is not happy when he finds out that a girl half his size will be protecting him. He is also not happy that Dru is immune to the charm that thousands of other women fall for. As these two reluctantly work together, they slowly learn to trust one another with their hearts and lives.

At first glance, this book doesn't appear to be terribly deep - it could even be considered a lighthearted read. However, author Becky isn't content to just let the mystery and romance play out. She expertly weaves in real relationship problems and the deeper issues behind them needing to be worked out. The issues are hard, but necessary for deeper relationships and intimacy with other people. She visits the effects of child abuse, the emptiness of wealth and fame, and the purposes of life.

Forgiveness is a central theme in this book, and makes us realize we are never truly free until we forgive - and are forgiven. There is a big difference between being a Christian in name versus being a Christian in action  as a result of true, real faith.  Author Becky uses the characters' growth to shine a light on what it looks like to have a disconnect between you and God.

Love Story
Grey and Dru really don't like each other at first, which, in our humble opinion, always makes for a good love story just around the corner. This one doesn't disappoint! Their relationship is full of chemistry on the surface, but gets deep and authentic as it turns into love. Many swoon worthy moments in this story!


Very satisfying conclusion to this great series!!! We are sad to say good-bye to the Porter family, but just might have to start the series all over again to keep visiting them.

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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