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The Reluctant Duchess (By: Roseanna M. White)

The Reluctant Duchess

By: Roseanna M. White

Once again, author Roseanna introduces many characters, but as you get them all down you will find yourself swept up in this new storyline! Lady Rowena Kinnaird is heiress to a Highland earldom, but wants nothing to do with her current situation or title. Formerly smart and confident, she is now but a shell of who she used to be. After she suffers a dreadful attack, Rowena will now do what she must to flee her home in Scotland - even if it means starting over where she won't fit in. 

Brice Myerston, the Duke of Nottingham, has always been a notorious, flirty bachelor, happily remaining single. But when he is confronted with a lady in a desperate situation, he follows his instinct to rescue her. On top of this, Brice is now in possession of the fire eyes - the cursed jewels from book one. Rowena is trying to escape threats from her homeland, only to find out she is now mixed up with Brice and the danger the jewels bring with them. Can these two strangers learn to trust, love and respect one another? Will the past and present dangers bring them together or tear them apart?

This book does captures that real life can be messy, painful and even hopeless at times. Author Roseanna does not offer quick fixes, but takes the characters on journeys they must travel, even if painful. Rowena, especially, has been dealt some very hard blows in life and a simple change of scenery does not allow her to outrun the past. She has a lot to learn but allows the Lord to free her from the hurt and pain. The depth of human emotion and consequences for actions make up a large part of the story, bringing it deeper than a lighthearted read.

Brice's faith is inspiring and vibrant. He continually seeks the Lord about everything, and acts on what he feels the Lord puts on his heart. It is rarely easy, but he stands firm. Rowena, coming from Scotland, has a much different background and has struggled with the balance between good and evil, light and darkness. Curses and superstitions are a part of her ancestral history, so she fears the present evil in this world. She learns that the Lord is the LIGHT, and can be relied upon to conquer evil. Characters learn that often times, trials are what lead us to the place the Lord wants us.

Squeal Factor 
This book teaches us about real love - not easy, but always worth it. Brice and Rowena learn that love must be a choice, rooted deeply in the Lord and cannot be based solely on feelings and emotions. Roseanna did a phenomenal job with Brice and his willingness to love beyond what he is capable of - he chooses to rely on the Lord for that strength. This portrayal of love was inspiring and was one of our favorite components in the book.

This second installment in the series is well written and will continue in the next book! Readers will stay engaged as the story unfolds. Mystery, danger, drama and romance fill the pages wonderfully! The only drawback to our overall rating is that fact that these two chicks had a hard time connecting with and relating to Rowena until the end. However, we eagerly await book three to wrap up some of the story we have grown attached to.

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review

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