Friday, March 4, 2016

Cold Shot (By: Dani Pettrey)

Cold Shot

By: Dani Pettrey

Griffin McCray enjoys his quiet life as a park ranger at Gettysburg, until a body is found in a shallow grave during one of his patrols. Although Gettysburg is certainly thought to have many historical graves buried deep down, this one isn't old - it's modern. So a team is pulled together to investigate, including the beautiful forensic anthropologist Finley Scott - who wrestles with crippling fear from her last case, and really, really doesn't think Griffin likes her very much due to his harsh and impersonal demeanor. 

Also added to the investigative team are FBI Agent Declan Grey and crime scene analyst Parker Mitchell - one of which is the last person Griff wants to see. These three former best friends, plus one more - Luke - were inseparable until the day Luke disappeared... and has never been heard from again. Can the three of them work together to solve this case, resolve the past and maybe hope to find out where Luke went? 

This book clipped along at an excellent pace and kept us hooked as we tried to solve the mystery! We had great insight into Griff, Finley, Declan and Parker, very deep, authentic characters. But unfortunately a few things fell short - we were distracted by the sheer number of people introduced, which made our heads spin at times. Additionally, a few small plot inconsistencies added to our distraction.

A lot of bitterness, guilt, fear and shame swamp our characters as they must come face to face with these things as the case unravels itself.

Most people in this book have belief in God, and put it into action by relying on Him to guide them, protect them and carry them through hard times. The main characters have really been through hard times and rely on God to bring about justice, even when it's hard to be patient and wait for it

Squeal Factor 
Although Griffin and Finley haven't started out on the right foot, their working in close proximity to one another allows their walls to drop and to see who each of them really is on the inside - and it turns out, they are just right for each other! Their attraction is strong and their chemistry is vivid. Griffin takes a protective stance with Finley, but is a gentleman and treats her with respect and boundaries.
So far we aren't as into this new series as we were the books in Alaskan Courage, yet we still love author Dani's ability to bring together heartfelt emotion, romance AND suspense at the same time - and we have found very few authors who are able to pull this off as well as she does. Cold Shot is a thrilling start to this new series and we look forward to reading the rest of it to solve Luke's disappearance and see what happens with the rest of the team.

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review