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Thin Ice (By: Irene Hannon)

Thin Ice

By:Irene Hannon

Author Irene Hannon has found her nitch is writing romantic suspense! Thin Ice is book two of her Men of Valor series

Christy Reed has lost her entire family in the last year - first, her parents in a tragic car accident, and more recently, her sister Ginny in a house fire. As she wrestles with her grief, she suddenly receives a letter claiming her sister is still alive - and it's written in what appears to be Ginny's handwriting. She is warned not to involve the authorities but does so anyway, when she secretly contacts Lance MacGregor, new FBI special agent and former Delta Force operator. The two strike up a working relationship, but make it appear as though they are dating, just in case anyone is watching. But as these two work to uncover what becomes a very sinister plot, the pretend dating just might not be a ruse after all.

Lance and Christy both have experienced a lot of loss, pain and grief. Author Irene lets us into their feelings, emotions and inner turmoil from these things, and doesn't sugar coat the realities of a harsh world.

Christy has had it harder than most people, but through her grief she has come to depend on the Lord in an intimate way. On the other hand, it's been awhile since Lance has placed his trust in the Lord. But watching Christy's faith inspires him to rethink about the place God has in his life.

Squeal Factor 
Lance and Christy have a sweet, emotional connection. Their relationship actually begins as a ruse, but pretty soon the attraction is real and genuine.

Overall we enjoyed reading Lance's story and we look forward to Finn's story in the conclusion of this series, yet to be released. However, there were a couple of story points that fell a little short of the mark of believable for us, which explains why this one isn't one of Irene's best. But as always, she is a wonderful author who draws you in, keeps your attention and develops her characters well.

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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