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The Goodbye Bride (By: Denise Hunter)

The Goodbye Bride

By:Denise Hunter

The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter is book two of the Summer Harbor series and tells second Callahan brother Zach's story. As with the first book, this one is wonderfully written and serves as a fun little escape with a little depth to chew on as a bonus. 

Zac Callahan has attempted to move on with life after his fiancee, Lucy, left him high and dry with no explanation seven months ago. Running his restaurant, helping his brother Beau with his tree farm, and occasionally dating another woman has - almost - helped him forget the grief. But one day out of the blue, he receives a frightened call from Lucy asking him to come pick her up, as though no time has passed and nothing has changed. As the result of a head injury, she remembers nothing from the last seven and a half months and still thinks they are crazy in love, planning their wedding. The last thing Zac wants is to become involved with Lucy again. Is she playing games with his heart? Should he help her? And how on earth will be stop himself from falling in love with her all over again? Lucy has a hard time believing that she could have ever left the man she loves more than life itself. As she wrestles to put the pieces of her life back together, she is forced to face her childhood fears and trust God with where to go from here.

This book reflects that our deepest fears often dictate our actions, even when we cannot express them in words or fully process why we feel certain ways. Relationships always have two sides, two perspectives happening simultaneously that can lead to misunderstandings. When these issues are faced, communicated and dealt with head on, it paves the way for truth and freedom in life.

The main characters in this book have faith in God and live by Christian principles. They often pray for direction in crises, and attend church each week. In this book specifically, the issue of keeping God at a distance is dealt with. Do we fear God's abandonment because that's what people do? Or do we trust that He is the everlasting Father who will never leave us or forsake us?

Squeal Factor 
Zac and Lucy were truly, madly, deeply in love once upon a time. Of course to Lucy, it IS in that time. Their relationship is strained due to their past, but as their hearts warm up to each one once again, the fireworks sparkle and sizzle us to give us deep sighs of satisfaction. As we point out in many of our reviews, it is worth nothing that author Denise makes it clear this sweet couple saves the marriage bed for after the wedding. We love our squeal factor, but even more we love it to be done God's way!

The Summer Harbor series is shaping up to be one of our favorites. This second book offered the things we are beginning to know Denise Hunter for - her storylines that hook you from the first page, her lovable characters and their real life issues and chemistry. This book is no exception and we look forward to the third Callahan brother's story in the next installment!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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