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Keeper of the Stars (By: Robin Lee Hatcher)

Keeper of the Stars

By:Robin Lee Hatcher

Keeper of the Stars is the final book in the King's Meadow series and it does not disappoint. It finished the series off well and we once again enjoyed visiting the town of King's Meadow and its residents.

This book starts off with a funeral and we are introduced to the hero and heroine right off the bat. However, the funeral is for Penny's brother, Brad, and Trevor is the last person she wants to see since she holds him responsible for Brad's death. We were quickly immersed in the story and longed to see where it would take us. 

Penny lost her mother 12 years ago and now cannot believe she has also lost her only sibling. She had a plan to take care of her dad, brother and their ranch, but is thrown into turmoil when it doesn't go as planned. It began with her brother leaving to go to Nashville to be in a band, rather than get an engineering job in Boise and help out at the family ranch. They had always been close but were at odds with his choice to follow his dreams. Now he is gone and she blames Trevor Reynolds, the leader of the band and the one who encouraged Brad to follow his dreams. 

Trevor Reynolds has come to Kings Meadow to pay his respects to his drummer's family. Although Brad was in the driver seat when the accident happened Trevor still wrestles with guilt and it's obvious Penny blames him as well. But he cannot forget a promise he made to Brad in his final moments. So whether Penny likes it or not, Trevor is here to stay for awhile.

Overall the book is lighthearted and one you want to curl up with and read by the fire. There are some deeper issues that are dealt with but they do not come off too heavy. Trevor must deal with his past, most importantly, his relationship with his father. He also is on the path of discovering what truly matters in life. Penny must wrestle with bitterness, regret and forgiveness. We also get several glimpses from Brad's past as we work our way through the book. This was unique and added a lot to the book.

The faith was strong and refreshing in this book. Trevor is not a believer but watched Brad through live differently. He was intrigued and now yearns to know more of this faith that his friend lived out daily. Rodney, Brad's dad, takes to Trevor as he would another son and the mentor relationship is wonderful. We love that author Robin speaks honestly and passionately about God and it's truly a joy to see the growth happen in her characters. Well done!

Squeal Factor 
As Penny and Trevor get to know each other will they be able to break down some walls that are between them? It is a slower process but they both have quite a bit to work through before either is feeling led to follow what their hearts may be telling them. We get to witness some sweet tender moments and we hope these two will somehow have a happy ending!

Our hearts are sad to see the time in King's Meadow come to an end but we are thankful for the journey this trilogy took us on. It's a place you will long to visit. This third book was heart warming, sweet and enjoyable. If you are looking for a lighthearted, charming series, this is one you should read.

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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