Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Lost Heiress (By: Roseanna M. White)

The Lost Heiress

By: Roseanna M. White
Once again we have been swept away by a new-to-us author! This book's beautiful cover and its amazing reviews caught our eye - and we were not disappointed. Clear your schedule and get ready to get lost in a captivating story full of romance and mystery!

Brook Eden has grown up in Monaco without knowing who she really is. Having lived there since she was a baby, it is the only home she has known, yet mystery surrounding her mother's death, and a longing to know where she belongs, has been in the forefront of her mind for years. When her best friend, Justin, discovers that she may be a missing heiress from Yorkshire, she packs her bags to move to her new home, eager to put the pieces of her past together. Her father, who has prayed to be united with his missing daughter, is overjoyed to open his arms and home to Brook. However, it's not long before danger starts lurking in the shadows of her new life. Will Brook face the same tragedy that befell her mother? 

Justin, heir to a dukedom, has come home to England and strongly desires to see Brook happy and well settled in her new home. However, he begins viewing her as more than a friend and questions whether Brook will ever feel the same. Thrown into a new demanding role with his family estate, Justin must leave on multiple trips, away from the one he has suddenly lost his heart to. Will distance bring their hearts closer together or draw them apart?

The author did a remarkable job bringing each of the characters to life. We were thrown into their daily lives and enjoyed going through the motions with them. We are also very fond of being able to read from multiple viewpoints throughout the book, which allowed us to see deeply into hearts. Brook's past is filled with mystery; now with potential danger in the present, we get an emotional, intriguing story. Brook is a new baroness and must learn what is expected from her while still being true to herself. As she seeks truth from her past, she must also be conscious of whom she can trust. Justin faces similar challenges as he is now the leader of his family and must balance all of life's responsibilities. Will he follow in the previous Duke's footsteps or will he make a path of his own?

It was refreshing to see that both of the main characters have a solid faith. References to scripture, prayers and talk of the Lord are woven throughout the book. Trust was a main theme in this book and ultimately Brook and Justin must decide whether they will put their trust in the Lord and allow Him to write their futures. They must also learn to trade their fears for faith and turn to prayer when storms come.

Squeal Factor
We rated this book four stars on squeal factor, not necessarily for getting our hearts racing, but because of the passion each of the characters possess. The real, heated conversations Brook and Justin have bring them alive. Not only are we hanging on every word but we want to jump in the pages and witness every moment between these two! Spoken and unspoken words are filled with emotion and we thoroughly enjoyed the journey the author took these two on.

Kudos to the author for writing a book with a fabulous plot that is original and kept us coming back for more whenever we could! We traveled back in time with this read and felt part of the story. You'll find yourself sighing after the last page and will be eager for the next book to come out!

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