Monday, November 16, 2015

The Wedding Chapel (By: Rachel Hauck)

The Wedding Chapel

By: Rachel Hauck
This story centers around residents from Heart's bend, Tennessee, a small town outside of Nashville. Three of its natives have found a new life in New York City, but are being drawn back to their hometown: Jack, Taylor and Colette. 

Jack and Taylor, former high school classmates, are now married after a whirlwind elopement six months earlier, but are both facing a very real question after the honeymoon: Are they truly committed to seeing this marriage through for life? 

Taylor's great Aunt Colette, also in New York City, has just retired from acting and has an illustrious career behind her. But she cannot forget the one man she has ever truly loved - the one who built a wedding chapel for her back home. Sixty years ago, Jimmy Westbrooke declared his love for and his intention to marry Colette, but then went off to war - and she never saw him again. 

Meanwhile back in Heart's Bend, Coach Jimmy Westbrooke has been living all this time without the love of his life. His once cherished wedding chapel and his heart have remained empty. But when Taylor shows up at his door to take photographs of the chapel, will his heart awaken again to second chances? This engaging read goes back and forth between the past and present, and it's easy to get hooked on this story right from the beginning!

This book captivated us from the first page and never stopped pulling us in. We were completely swept away into the story, so much so that we didn't want the book to end! Author Denise gave us her usual intriguing characters and dynamite romance, but she also ventured into the world of mystery and suspense and nailed it!

Real life family drama and marriage struggles are at the heart of this story! Author Rachel gives us a vivid inner look at the thoughts, emotions and motivations of her characters, and paints a vivid picture of what might lie behind people's outer actions.

The faith doesn't ramp up too much until the end of this read, but when it does, it is powerful! Some characters have a solid relationship with the Lord, and for those who have drifted away, the Lord leads them back to Himself gently, softly and faithfully. We are reminded that true freedom is not found by anything or anyone until it is found in Him.

Squeal Factor
As we journey through the love stories both of past and present, our hearts are definitely hooked! The tender love and emotions in Jack and Taylor's marriage have us cheering for them right from the start and only get deeper as the book goes on. Jimmy and Colette's romance from ages past is sweet, tender and deep.

Rachel Hauck's newest novel is a solid, enjoyable read that you will be swept away in almost right from the beginning. She seamlessly weaves past and present into the plot and reveals more of the story with each chapter. Enjoy a few late nights while reading this one!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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