Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Novella - The Perfect Arrangement (By: Katie Ganshert)

The Perfect Arrangement

By: Katie Ganshert

This novella is one of the Year of Weddings Novella Collection. We enjoy reading these little stories from Zondervan, as a new author writes a wedding tale each month of the year.

 In The Perfect Arrangement, Amelia is shy and likes her quiet life as owner of the Forget-Me-Not flower shop, but her love life has been non-existent since her long standing college relationship that ended years ago. When she finds out her ex-boyfriend is getting married, she can't help but be curious and decides to just "drive by" the chapel on his wedding day. Not paying attention, she rear ends someone - well, a very cute someone - in front of the church while she is spying. Frantic and needing a fast getaway before she gets caught, she leaves this man with her business card and quickly moves on.

Nick is intrigued by this girl who rear ended him. After contacting her, he and Amelia begin a lengthy back and forth email discussion. Soon, both of them eagerly are writing back and forth, and hoping just maybe the other is feeling the same excitement! However, lingering on Amelia's conscience is the fear that Nick will find out the real reason she was driving by the church that day - and what would he think of her then?

This novella is cute and fun to read! Unfortunately, however, we could not give it a higher rating because some parts were just too repetitive for a short novella. Several times we read what happened, only to re-read it again in the emails exchanged between Nick and Amelia. A novella is short enough but this made us feel our time was cut too short.

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