Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Novella - Love in the Details (By: Becky Wade)

Love in the Details
By:Becky Wade

We already know Becky Wade can write a fabulous novel; now it was time to see what she could do with her first novella. Well, Becky, you officially are a talented author no matter how short your story is! Love in the Details was a delightful novella from the beginning to the end.

Holly and Josh were high school sweethearts with a rare kind of bond and love. Because of decisions to attend separate universities and believing she is doing what is best for Josh's future, Holly abruptly breaks up with him in their first year of college. Both heartbroken and alone, they must face the world without each other and move on with life. But will they ever get over the love they shared?

Fast forward eight years: Holly still lives in her hometown and is the wedding coordinator at her local church. Josh, now a successful tech guru living in Paris, is back in town to be best man in a friend's wedding. But little did he know he would be working with the wedding coordinator/ex-girlfriend. As these two face each other, old feelings that never really died begin to surface again. Will either be brave enough to tell the other how they feel? Will Josh learn the truth about their breakup?

You'll love these two characters and will enjoy getting swept away into a story filled with faith, forgiveness, second chances and sweet romance. Becky, thank you for writing such a great novella. It's always a pleasure to read your stories!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review.  

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  1. Hooray! I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed Love in the Details. Thank you for reading and reviewing it. :)