Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So Fair a Lady (Amber Lynn Perry)

So Fair a Lady

By: Amber Lynn Perry

So Fair a Lady is book one in the Daughters of His Kingdom Series and it kicks the series off with a bang! You would never guess this is the author's debut novel. We can only hope she writes more - and quickly! We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this wonderful book that is set in the colonial era right before the Revolutionary War.

Eliza Campbell is mourning her father's death and what she learned from him on his death bed: he had been a spy for the Sons of Liberty and in his last moments, urged her to seek and find "the truth." As a result, Eliza turns down a proposal from her beau Samuel Martin, a British Officer, knowing she first must do as her father asked. She is determined to find out why he turned from his allegiance to the king. 

Thomas Watson, a patriot, has been blackmailed for too long by none other than Officer Martin. He plans to flee Boston and settle down in the small town of Sandwich, MA. Little does he know his actions place Eliza and her sister, Kitty, in danger. Having known their father, he vows to do whatever he must to ensure their safety and winds up taking them along to Sandwich. 

Thomas, Eliza and Kitty must stay hidden as Officer Martin searches for them. As truth is revealed and secrets come to light, will allegiances change? Being in close quarters with each other does nothing to help Eliza with her growing feelings towards this man who knew her father and fought for the same liberties. Thomas also struggles with wanting to protect these women, but risks losing his heart to the eldest in return.

During this time the political world was in turmoil and many people were confused as to what was right and which side they should pledge their allegiance to. Eliza and Kitty both are thrown into change and must choose whether to join their late father's cause or do nothing and remain passive. Much is the same with our world today. We must seek truth, both politically and spiritually, and in doing so, we find the courage to stand firm in our beliefs.

Both Thomas and Eliza have strong faith in our Creator. Seeking Him and His will for their lives during this time of division is important to both. Would He call them to honor and submit to their authorities, or is it a time when oppression must be fought against? All will be called to determine which path they will walk down but they must do so by seeking the Lord and striving to follow His guidance.

Squeal Factor
We loved the romance this book offered. From the first meeting, to the development of feelings and the journey thereafter is simply satisfying. This read is filled with tender moments, sigh worthy kisses and deep affection.

Thank you to author Amber Lynn Perry for writing an emotional, historical romance that kept us turning the pages late into the night. So thankful we read it and these 2 chicks eagerly await the rest of the series!series!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Novella - Love in the Details (By: Becky Wade)

Love in the Details
By:Becky Wade

We already know Becky Wade can write a fabulous novel; now it was time to see what she could do with her first novella. Well, Becky, you officially are a talented author no matter how short your story is! Love in the Details was a delightful novella from the beginning to the end.

Holly and Josh were high school sweethearts with a rare kind of bond and love. Because of decisions to attend separate universities and believing she is doing what is best for Josh's future, Holly abruptly breaks up with him in their first year of college. Both heartbroken and alone, they must face the world without each other and move on with life. But will they ever get over the love they shared?

Fast forward eight years: Holly still lives in her hometown and is the wedding coordinator at her local church. Josh, now a successful tech guru living in Paris, is back in town to be best man in a friend's wedding. But little did he know he would be working with the wedding coordinator/ex-girlfriend. As these two face each other, old feelings that never really died begin to surface again. Will either be brave enough to tell the other how they feel? Will Josh learn the truth about their breakup?

You'll love these two characters and will enjoy getting swept away into a story filled with faith, forgiveness, second chances and sweet romance. Becky, thank you for writing such a great novella. It's always a pleasure to read your stories!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review.  

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Novella - The Perfect Arrangement (By: Katie Ganshert)

The Perfect Arrangement

By: Katie Ganshert

This novella is one of the Year of Weddings Novella Collection. We enjoy reading these little stories from Zondervan, as a new author writes a wedding tale each month of the year.

 In The Perfect Arrangement, Amelia is shy and likes her quiet life as owner of the Forget-Me-Not flower shop, but her love life has been non-existent since her long standing college relationship that ended years ago. When she finds out her ex-boyfriend is getting married, she can't help but be curious and decides to just "drive by" the chapel on his wedding day. Not paying attention, she rear ends someone - well, a very cute someone - in front of the church while she is spying. Frantic and needing a fast getaway before she gets caught, she leaves this man with her business card and quickly moves on.

Nick is intrigued by this girl who rear ended him. After contacting her, he and Amelia begin a lengthy back and forth email discussion. Soon, both of them eagerly are writing back and forth, and hoping just maybe the other is feeling the same excitement! However, lingering on Amelia's conscience is the fear that Nick will find out the real reason she was driving by the church that day - and what would he think of her then?

This novella is cute and fun to read! Unfortunately, however, we could not give it a higher rating because some parts were just too repetitive for a short novella. Several times we read what happened, only to re-read it again in the emails exchanged between Nick and Amelia. A novella is short enough but this made us feel our time was cut too short.

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