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The Mistress of Tall Acre (By: Laura Frantz)

The Mistress of Tall Acre

By: Laura Frantz

This book takes place following the revolutionary war. Times are hard as soldiers are getting back to life, and tension still remains between Tories and Patriots. General Seamus Ogilvy is now a widower and heading home to parent his young daughter, Lily Cate. His estate, Tall Acre, is in need of attention and so is his daughter! 

Sophie Mezies is all alone after losing her mother. Her father, who fought in the war, betrayed their country and family, and has returned to Europe. Even living with the bad reputation he left, Sophie is determined to stay in her home and make her life in America. When her neighbor, General Ogilvy, returns home, she hopes to at least have company from him and his daughter. Sophie quickly befriends Lily Cate and the two create a special bond. 

Seamus knows his daughter is in desperate need of a mother; he also knows Sophie is in need of a husband and home. Sophie agrees to marry Seamus out of convenience, but her heart longs for more from this man she has always been fond of. As the three become a family, mysterious happenings occur and they must bond together as they are threatened to be torn apart.

Laura Frantz did a great job writing about the struggles many faced after the Revolutionary War. Two sides - a General and a daughter of one who betrayed his country. Both have different wounds and heartaches. Some mystery in the second half of the book adds to the depth of the story and keeps you guessing until the end.

Sophie has great faith and it has sustained her through many hard times. Seamus' heart is hardened from the war and he has given up on prayer and trusting in the Lord. He eventually comes to realize he must turn back to the Lord, but we found his growth to be a bit lacking. More story seeing his need for the Lord would have been nice. However, we still appreciated what faith was present in the book.

Squeal Factor
Sophie and Seamus have a great deal of romantic tension as they become attracted to the other, but both fear it may be one sided. As their feelings start to present themselves, something always distracts them. When they finally profess their love for one another they share some intimate and sweet scenes together. br />
This book was enjoyable and we appreciated the original storyline, although we felt it dragged on at a few parts. Overall, however, it was an entertaining read and we look forward to trying out some of the author's other books!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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