Sunday, September 27, 2015

Falling Like Snowflakes (By: Denise Hunter)

Falling Like Snowflakes

By: Denise Hunter
Denise Hunter has become one of our favorite authors because any of her books are almost a sure guarantee of an entertaining read! And with this newest novel, the first book in the Summer Harbor series, she has hit another home run.

Eden Martelli is on the run from dangerous men who want to take her life and the life of her son, Micah. When her car breaks down and her cash is stolen, they become stranded in Summer Harbor, Maine and must find a way to make a living but stay hidden from those who would destroy them. When she meets the Callahan family - three grown brothers and their aunt - it seems God is providing not only a place to stay and a job for her, but a family to call her own as well. Beau Callahan slowly learns of the danger Eden is in and wants nothing more than to protect her and her son. But how can he do so when she is determined to keep hiding and running? 

This book captivated us from the first page and never stopped pulling us in. We were completely swept away into the story, so much so that we didn't want the book to end! Author Denise gave us her usual intriguing characters and dynamite romance, but she also ventured into the world of mystery and suspense and nailed it!

Eden faces a lot of fear in the wake of her past and the danger now at her door. She has to learn to let go of the fear in order to open herself up to a new life, but it isn't easy and takes some painful lessons to learn how. Beau is struggling with the loss of his parents and the responsibility of the family now that it's their first Christmas alone. Family relationships are complicated at times but they always come back to each other, despite the conflicts. We loved the way Denise writes families - flawed, funny, lovable and real.

"When you can't trust others, and you can't trust yourself, you can always trust God. He'll carry you through whatever comes your way." Faith is an important part of the character's lives, and they have to learn many things: giving fears to God, trusting the Lord, letting go at times, learning His character and knowing the Bible.

Squeal Factor
Eden does not feel she can ever trust a man again. But when she and Beau can no longer deny their strong attraction to one another, she lets her guard down just a little - and the chemistry they share is like fireworks! Denise is so good at writing deep, clean, passionate romance!

This book felt like a hot buttered roll right out of the oven. We savored every bit of it as it tantalized our taste buds and settled warmly into our bellies! We are putting this book on our Golden List because it was just that enjoyable. Now we are eager for the rest of the Summer Harbor series!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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