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Crazy Little Thing Called Love (By: Beth K. Vogt)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

By: Beth K. Vogt
It is always a pleasure to write a review on an author for the first time. It's an added bonus when that book is excellent and hard to put down! We were completely wrapped up in it and had many late nights reading!  
Vanessa is busy planning a destination wedding in Destin, FL, but this is not her first marriage. Ten years ago, she eloped with her boyfriend Logan when they were just 18, but it ended after only two years. Moving on from what her mother calls "her biggest mistake" has not been easy the past eight years but she is ready for the new life that awaits her with her fiancĂ© Ted; or so she thinks! 

Logan is a highly regarded professional storm chaser. When he comes home to Florida for a vacation with his team for a much needed break, he never expects to run into his ex-wife, Vanessa. It knocks him off his game and brings back all the memories of what he lost eight years ago. But the worst part about it is when he finds out she is engaged to be married. Is there any way God would give him a second chance with his first and only love, his ex-wife who is about to marry someone else? Will she at least forgive him for past mistakes? His heart longs for her but he must trust the Lord in whatever path He has for each of them. 

Beth Vogt does a fabulous job writing flashbacks from Vanessa's and Logan's pasts and having them flow nicely into what is taking place in the present.

Vanessa grew up in a military home and moved around a lot. Because of this she has always struggled with getting "close" to others and maintaining lasting, loving relationships. She claims she is good at saying "hello" and "goodbye," but not at the relationship in between. Marrying Logan was a relief to her as she craved stability and a place to call home. This book is packed with emotion and has honest, loving, flawed characters who learn about loss, forgiveness and second chances.

Through this read, the faith is subtle but intensifies near the end and finishes strong. Vanessa blames God for much of the loneliness in her life. She has given up on trusting Him and doesn't know what a strong and giving relationship looks like with others, much less with Him. She is encouraged greatly in her faith by a friend who has chosen to love her, even when there is no love given in return. Logan wrestles with feeling guilty and unworthy to come before the Lord. Both Vanessa and Logan grow in their faith and love for the Lord and we found much joy in reading about it; it was simply beautiful near the end. The lesson throughout the book is that it's always better to go through any stage of life with God and others by your side, rather than alone.

Squeal Factor
In the flashbacks we get a front row seat as Vanessa and Logan fell in love and shared many sweet, tender moments. The present scenes are filled with passionate discussions, and a longing for what once was. However, we especially love the author's realistic portrayal of how hard it is to remain in purity before marriage. We were hooked and kept turning the pages to see what would happen next!

The main question Beth Vogt had us pondering through the book is this: What if what you thought was your worst mistake was actually the right choice all along? You may find the book starts off a little slow, but hang on because soon you'll have a hard time putting it down! We kept telling ourselves, "Just one more chapter!" It was a delight to read!

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