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Bridge of Faith (By: Catherine West)

Bridge of Faith
By: Catherine West

Julia Connelly has lived the last 12 years in a constant state of fear, misery and pain in her abusive marriage. Now free to live back home in Vermont with her two children, she seeks to find healing and peace, and hopes they can move on with their lives. What she doesn't expect is to run in to the man she eloped with at age 18, only to have him leave her a few months later. Can her heart handle any more pain? Will she let herself dream, trust and find peace again? 

Reid Wallace has come home to Vermont hoping to find peace of his own after a tragic circumstance in the Middle East left two of his coworkers dead on his watch. Running away from his pain, he is blindsided when he has an unexpected run in with Julia - but is he more caught off guard by seeing her, or her son who bears a striking resemblance to himself? Dealing with the past was not part of his plan in coming home. Should he run again, or does he believe God truly offers second chances?

This story is anything but lighthearted. Catherine West hits the ground running in the first chapter and keeps a good pace up until the end. She courageously writes about touchy subjects such as divorce, abuse, PTSD, alcoholism and more. However, she does so in a sensitive way and keeps the reader from being dragged down, offering glimpses of hope throughout. This book will tug on your heart strings and you may shed a few tears in the process but you will not regret it. This story is filled with hope and second chances for one who doesn't feel worthy and one who is too scared to dream of having one. The characters must hold on to hope! Each deals with their own baggage, guilt and pain. Can they come together and hope for a new beginning?

When dealing with pasts filled with regret, pain, secrets and more it is critical to have God be an integral part of the healing process. Both Julia and Reid must come back to the Lord and ultimately turn to Him for the hope they must cling to. Sometimes there is a point where one realizes they cannot fix the pain and they must turn to the One who can. This is a beautiful story of hope, forgiveness and second chances.

Squeal Factor
The relational aspect between Julia and Reid is delicate and complex to say the least. The author does not hide anything from us and we get to experience much of their emotions. Their relationship is hard, emotional, and heated but also tender and sweet. Julia and Reid have spent 12 years apart and have a lot of baggage to work through. Yet, they have a love that still penetrates both of their hearts. They are both still greatly attracted to the other and don't quite know what to do about that. The love and passion that once existed is still there, even if it may be a little buried. Once hearts thaw and forgiveness takes place, what might the future hold?


This book is solid and rates high in all areas. Buckle up for a gripping ride that won't end until the last page. And be prepared for it to stay with you once you get off! The author did an amazing job pulling you in and capturing your full attention. Well done Catherine West. We have nothing but high praises for this book!

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on Bridge of Faith. I read West's Yesterday's Tomorrow and loved it. I am going to recommend that my book club read this one.