Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Worthy Pursuit (By: Karen Witemeyer)

A Worthy Pursuit
By: Karen Witemeyer

Charlotte Atherton is on a mission! She has three children in her care, one in particular that she is determined to keep safe. Before Lily's mom passed away, she entrusted the little girl into Charlotte's guardianship. Lily's grandfather, however, wants her for his own selfish reasons and Charlotte must flee town to get away from him and start a life on their own. She feels they are safe until one day a bounty hunter comes looking for Lily - on his own mission to rescue the little girl from her supposed kidnapper and get her back to her grandfather. 

Stone Hammond is the best tracker in Texas and always gets the job done! When a wealthy man pays him to bring his granddaughter back, he happily accepts the challenge. But to his surprise, Lily does not appear to have been kidnapped at all - in fact, she seems to be right where she belongs. Can Charlotte, her assumed guardian, be telling the truth? Will he take a chance on her and switch roles from retriever to protector? And will he stay around long enough to change his pursuit to winning Charlotte's heart?

Charlotte and Stone both have wounds from the past. Charlotte has sadly been hurt by men and, because of it, has a hard time trusting or allowing herself to depend on others. She has settled on being alone, without a man by her side, and will give her all to these children in her care. Stone, having been orphaned when he was younger is very independent and keeps to himself. The lovely teacher has now caught his attention and he longs to open her heart and do what he can to protect her. Will they stay on the path they both have come to know, or will they open their hearts to more joy and love than either of them expected in this life?

The author did a great job weaving faith into this story. We loved how both characters prayed throughout the book, asking the Lord for guidance, help and strength. Both had to grow in their faith and trust in the Lord, especially Charlotte, who must overcome past fears and pain. She learns to not only trust Stone, but the Lord for the path he has chosen for her. It was an enjoyable faith journey to read through!

Squeal Factor
A teacher and a bounty hunter - what's not to like? Stone and Charlotte have a relationship that builds throughout the story. As the two move past simple attraction to one another there are quite a few scenes that are cute and sigh worthy! You'll enjoy seeing the path the author takes them on and you'll be content with the conclusion.

This book is a great summer read. Fans of historical, western romances are sure to enjoy this one. Relax and prepare for a fun, lighthearted story that will whisk you away for awhile!

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Note: We were given this book in exchange for our honest review 

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