Tuesday, May 12, 2015

To Win Her Favor (By: Tamera Alexander)

To Win Her Favor
By: Tamera Alexander

Check out the newest addition to our Golden List! We could not put this book down and were thrilled to jump back into another historical novel at Belle Meade Plantation.

Cullen McGrath, an Irish immigrant, comes to Nashville after losing his wife and daughter to Typhoid. Looking to buy land and start over, he faces severe discrimination against his people in the post-civil war era. Gilbert Linden, who is dying, is very close to losing the farm that has been in his family for generations - land that neighbors the magnificent Belle Meade Plantation. When he and Cullen meet, Gilbert sees a way to avoid losing the land and secure his daughter Maggie's future - if she will agree to marry a man she doesn't know. 

Maggie Linden wants nothing more than to race her thoroughbred horse to make him a champion. But little does she know, Cullen has vowed to stay far away from racing because of his past. When their interests conflict, sparks fly. Will these two be able to make their marriage work and overcome all the obstacles and discrimination against them?

Author Tamera is nothing short of masterful at revealing the beauty in good people's hearts against a backdrop of darkness. In post civil-war era, racism against former slaves and foreigners was a nasty, festering issue. She doesn't shy away from the harsh reality of racism and discrimination, but rather balances it out by highlighting the goodness in people who saw all as equally God's children. Although there were some incredibly evil acts done during that time, those who sought to love outshone the darkness. Tamera weaves it all together in a deep, insightful glimpse into humanity.

Gilbert Linden has a rock solid faith that rubs off on Cullen, almost from the moment they meet. Faith is not so much preached in this book as rather shown in God's love through people's actions. As mentioned above, those who want to be a light in the darkness are a striking light against the culture of the day. Faith is lost and found by the characters and really winds up being the final answer to all the conflicts and and obstacles to overcome.

Squeal Factor
Did someone turn up the thermostat? Wowzers! Marriages of convenience usually have the highest potential for squeal factor, since man and wife are free to explore their attraction and chemistry. Cullen and Maggie sizzle as they learn to love one another as God intended, and it does our hearts good to enjoy their witty, tender and electrifying love story. Kudos to Tamera for making the reader feel what the characters feel!

Not since To Whisper Her Name - the first Belle Meade Plantation novel - has Tamera so thoroughly thrilled our hearts and minds with a story. Our hearts delighted in the relationships crossing racial boundaries, our pulses raced at the romance, our minds were stimulated by the original plot, and these 2 chicks had a couple of very late nights reading! This books deserves a spot on our Golden List and we are thrilled to recommend it to any historical fiction fans.

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We were given this book from the publisher in exchange for our honest review.

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