Sunday, May 17, 2015

Novella - Three Little Words (By: Melissa Tagg)

Three Little Words
By: Melissa Tagg

If you plan to start the new Walker Family series by Melissa Tagg, you won't want to miss this little novella that gets things going! 

Ava Jane Kingsley (sister to Autumn Kingsley, heroine from Melissa's last series) is at a college class reunion when she runs into her old nemesis, Seth Walker. Ten years ago, the two of them sparred continually through debates in the school newspaper and certainly weren't called friends. But surprisingly, their reunion leads to a connection, built mostly over email as pen pals - she in Minnesota, he in Maple Valley, Iowa. One year and hundreds of emails later, Ava reaches a crossroads in her career and, on a whim, decides to take Seth up on his offer to visit.

But when she arrives, Ava is confronted with unexpected circumstances, unexpected feelings for Seth that go beyond friendship, and a serious girlfriend he plans to marry. As they each seek the Lord's plan for their lives, will they both have the courage to say the three little words that would matter most?

This novella is a fantastic introduction to the Walker Family series - we can't wait to read the stories of the rest of the family!

Find it on Amazon: Three Little Words

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