Sunday, May 17, 2015

From the Start (By: Melissa Tagg)

From the Start
By: Melissa Tagg

Melissa Tagg's newest book is her best one yet! We have enjoyed her other novels but this one was pure delight. So much depth and love in this story; you'll fall in love with the characters and the town of Maple Valley.

Kate Walker should be an expert at love since she writes made-for-TV romance screenplays, right? Wrong! Kate has been wounded deeply in love so she remains single; and to top it off her career is in a slump. After a tornado hits her hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa, she rushes home from Chicago to clean up. Not only does she help her hometown and her dad get back on their feet, she meets a certain someone that just might help bring some life and love back to her! 

Colton Greene, a big time NFL quarterback is now injured and no longer able to play the game. Confused as to what his future holds, plus dealing with a past he can't piece together, Colton travels to Maple Valley with his friend to hide out for awhile and maybe get a glimpse of what a normal life is like. He meets Kate and enlists her to help with a project. As the two spend time together, they both realize their need for a new purpose in life, but will it include each other?

Melissa Tagg brought so much depth into this story. Kate and Colton both deal with very real issues, especially Colton who was raised in the foster care system and still, to this day, can't reconcile parts of his past. The author also brings in a few side stories of people dealing with hurt and pain and does a fabulous job writing about it. You will become part of their lives and come to care so much about the characters. We thoroughly enjoyed the journey of this book.

With so much depth in this story, we were hoping for a good balance of faith and dependence on the Lord. Melissa Tagg did a great job doing just that. There may not have been a deep exploration of what faith is, but the story was full of lessons that we even found ourselves pondering. Themes of forgiveness, love, surrendering to God's will, reaching out to others and trusting in the Lord were all present.

Love Story
Kate and Colton are great mix. The friendly banter they start out with is so enjoyable; we found ourselves laughing along with them. As we got deeper into the story we got deeper into who they are and what they are made of. The love that starts to blossom is real and beautiful. A few scenes were downright adorable.

Pick up this book and enjoy every page of it - we sure did. We look forward to Melissa Tagg's next book in the series and cannot wait to journey back to Maple Valley again. Great job Melissa on a fabulous start to a new series fantastic series.

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