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As Love Blooms (By: Lorna Seilstad)

As Love Blooms
By: Lorna Seilstad

As Love Blooms is the third book in the Gregory Sisters series.

In this book we get to journey with Tessa, the youngest of the Gregory sisters. Tessa is energetic, full of life, daring and always looking for an adventure! Her sisters have rarely taken her seriously as she has always dabbled in different hobbies. Tessa, who wants to prove to her sisters she is grown up and ready for a life of her own, is going to show them how serious she is about her new hobby/profession: she has gone to school to study horticulture (the science and art of cultivating plants) and she dreams of working at Como Park in her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. There, she meets with the park's superintendent but is turned down because he does not hire women. But Tessa won't let that keep her from achieving her dreams. In comes Reese King, a gardener at Como Park who is working on a special project to impress the superintendent. He has a run in with Tessa and finds that she may be able to help him on this project and in return can help her as well. Can the two work together and both get the end results they want? And will the attraction they both hold for one another interfere with their work?
One of the big themes in this book is keeping things from others and the damage and hurt it can cause. Not only are the two main characters keeping things from each other but we also see the same thing happening in Tessa's extended family. This theme was drawn out through the book but the author brings it together nicely near the end on how hurtful it can be to not trust those you love with the truth. Near the end there is also a bit of mystery. We would have liked that to be more drawn out, but it did add a little more to the depth to the story.

Faith was more subtle in the beginning of the book but eventually we see both Reese and Tessa come to realize they need to put their hope and trust in the Lord and not in man or any earthly thing. Tessa also learns the importance of deep rooted love in God and family.

Squeal Factor
Tessa and Reese have a cute relationship but for so long it is covered by the "just friends" motto. Once they do cross that boundary the truths that both are keeping from the other is an obstacle. Don't get us wrong, they do share some sweet scenes together but we would have enjoyed more growth in relationship and more butterfly feelings!

As Love Blooms is a lighthearted read and will especially be enjoyed by those who like gardening or love history. Lorna is a gifted, detailed author and easily transports you to the time period where the story takes place. As Love Blooms was good and wrapped up the series nicely, but unfortunately this read did not capture our attention like her previous books. It did not stick with us the way others have - but do not let that keep you from reading all her others which are thoroughly enjoyable.

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We were given this book from the publisher in exchange for our honest review.

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