Friday, May 8, 2015

A Love Like Ours (By: Becky Wade)

A Love Like Ours
By: Becky Wade

A Love Like Ours is the third book in the Porter Family Series and it is exceptional! This story has all of the components needed to make it a favorite read for us; it hands down earns a spot on our Golden List.

Jake Porter, the youngest son in the family and former Marine, suffers from outward scars and deeper inward scars from his time in Iraq. Now home and living with PTSD, Jake keeps to himself and his horses, and is destined to live a lonely life. Lyndie James, his childhood best friend who moved away, has now returned to Holley, Texas. Full of sunshine, she is determined, compassionate and fearless. We could not help but love her! Jake and Lyndie are different people as adults but both still feel the bond of friendship they once shared. When she manages to get a job exercising his horses, they wind up spending many days together. However, Jake - aka tall, dark and brooding, according to Lyndie - has 12 foot walls around his heart. She yearns to help tear those down piece by piece, but he is determined to protect Lyndie - even if that means from himself. Will Jake ever be able to open up his heart to her? Becky Wade takes us on a fabulous journey with these two characters. The storyline is pieced together beautifully!

The author does a great job bringing depth into this story. She powerfully writes about the true pain of living with PTSD that Jake suffers from every day after the haunting memories of war. He will always live with it to an extent, and Becky does not cover that up. Lyndie has her own story, in that her younger sister has cerebral palsy and has been blind since birth. Lyndie, so compassionate and loving towards her sister and others, readily learns to love Jake even with his hardened heart and inward turmoil.

Jake has fallen away from the Lord and lives with guilt, anger and confusion about the injustices in life. He is ignorant to the fact that what he truly needs for healing is his Savior. Lyndie loves the Lord and it shows in who she is and how she lives. A learning point for her is when she starts falling for it her will, or God's? Will she be enough for him? No, Jake needs the Lord and she prays he will be led back to Him! There is much redemption, healing and love in this book and we love that Becky chose to write with a passionate faith woven throughout the story.

Squeal Factor
Jake and Lyndie are childhood friends, but goodness gracious don't think that they stay within the friends boundaries for long! The chemistry between the two of them is so satisfying. It takes awhile to get these two comfortable and admitting attraction, but when they do you will want to melt! We loved their relationship. Not easy or painted perfectly, rather covered in real love and grace. This couple will win you over!

After reading, this book will stick with you for days. Now that is a clear sign of a great read! Don't miss this fantastic series. Well done Becky Wade on an engaging, romantic, redemptive story that had us enjoying each moment!

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We were given this book from the publisher in exchange for our honest review.

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