Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Introducing Novellas!

Introducing a new page to our blog - Novellas

As life goes by, we find that busy seasons sometimes call for novellas rather than full length novels. Don't get us wrong, the richness of a full buffet like a novel is so satisfying, but sometimes all we have time for is an appetizer! Maybe it's because all we need is a quick getaway in a book and know it will be much easier to get through 100 pages rather than 300. 

Or maybe our brains can't handle much and a charming novella brings just the right amount of depth, love and sweetness needed. Whatever the reason, there are just times when we love to pick up a novella. Our novella reviews will be short and sweet, and will have only an overall rating. We hope you can browse through ones we have reviewed if you are ever in need of a quick satisfying story!
And with that, our next post will be our first review of one of our favorites! Here is the full list of our our recommended novellas: http://2chicksonlit.blogspot.com/p/novellas.html or simply use the Novellas tab at the top of our blog.

Happy Reading!

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