Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Buried Secrets (By: Irene Hannon)

Buried Secrets
By: Irene Hannon

Buried Secrets is the first novel in the new Men of Valor series by Christian romantic suspense author Irene Hannon. If you enjoy a blend of mystery, intrigue, suspense and romance, this is an author you'll want to check out!

A secret, buried long ago, rises to the surface in a small Missouri town and threatens the livelihood of those who want it to remain hidden. Police Chief Lisa Grant and Detective Mac McGregor are on the case to solve the mystery - and might also possibly be finding the love they've always wanted in each other. This story is solid right from the beginning and is clever, witty and interesting on every page. The suspense is good without getting creepy, the mystery is revealed at a good pace, the characters develop well and the fantastic writing is definitely the strength of this book!

Buried Secrets could possibly be called lighthearted except for the fact that the plot centers around murder! A story involving the dark sides of human nature will naturally go deeper, and that's what gives this category its three stars. Otherwise, there are some brief brushes with characters' motivations and pasts which give this read enough reality, but not so much as to weigh us down.

Both main characters have solid faith and rely on the Lord for guidance and direction for life. This book was a little lighter on faith than our usual reads, as there isn't much in the way of redemption, supernatural revelations or deep explorations of what faith is. However, Christian principles are followed and faith is evident!

Squeal Factor
Mac and Lisa have a very strong emotional connection that slowly but surely turns into a mature love story. They've got sparks and chemistry that made their romance all the more fun!

We are happy to have recently discovered Irene Hannon and her supreme ability to blend suspense and romance together into wonderful reads! We love mysteries that give us a little suspense without making us afraid to turn out the lights at night - and she delivers just that. If this first Men of Valor book is any indication, it's going to be a great series!

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We were given this book from the publisher in exchange for our honest review.

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  1. Thank you for the great review! So glad you enjoyed this. And please watch for THIN ICE (Lance's story) in January! (P.S. I also have a contemporary romance/women's fiction novel releasing in July, HOPE HARBOR!)