Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Governess of Highland Hall (By: Carrie Turansky)

The Governess of Highland Hall
By: Carrie Turansky

The Governess of Highland Hall is the first book of the Edwardian Brides series. Set in early 1900's England, it is an excellent read.


Julia Foster is returning home to England after having been a missionary alongside her parents for the last 12 years in India. Her father's poor health has left the financial burden resting on her shoulders. Sir William Ramsey, the widower of Highland Hall, hires Julia as as governess to care for his two children and two nieces. But she has her hands full taking care of her new charges - some of who are quite against her being their new governess.

The story revolves around the people living upstairs and the help downstairs. Where does Julia fit at Highland Hall? Being a governess is above the help, yet not accepted in the family. She is purposeful in her role, however, and in helping her employer seek what is best for the estate. As she starts getting closer to William, she fears she may have one sided feelings. Is it possible for him to overcome social barriers and reciprocate the feelings as well?

Sir William Ramsey has inherited Highland Hall and along with it some financial burden, but is determined to keep the estate in the family. He is intrigued by his new governess, yet holds her at arms length since he is nursing wounds from his past. Will he fight for love, or for saving his estate and keeping up with social standings?


Carrie Turansky paints a great picture of life at Highland Hall and the lives of those living both upstairs and downstairs. Overcoming the barriers between social classes is developed beautifully throughout the book. Character development in the main and side characters are well done.


Evident throughout the story is Julia's vibrant faith and determined trust in the Lord. William has a faith that is lacking in trust and prayer, but learns to hunger for more! In addition to personal faith, the Old Testament Law and ways of life are beautifully explained in simple terms. If you've ever thought of the Old Testament as boring, this book will surely change your mind!

Squeal Factor

This is one area we would have liked more of. The relationship between Julia and William was sweet and satisfying, but would have enjoyed more leading up to the end.


Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this book. Anyone who is fond of this time period will not want to miss out on reading this! You will love getting to know the characters and will delight in being a part of their journey. 

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  1. Hi Ladies, thanks for this thoughtful review! I'm glad you enjoyed the Governess of Highland Hall. There is a sequel… with more of William and Julia's story inThe Daughter of Highland Hall. Kate is the heroine of that story and it covers the next few months as the family goes to London for her debut and first season. A family scandal almost send Kate back to Highland, but it also open up the door to new opportunities. I just turned in book 3 to my editor, A Refuge at Highland Hall. That one comes out in October. Blessings and happy reading! Carrie

  2. Carrie - our thanks to you for giving us such a great read! We look forward to The Daughter of Highland Hall and any future writing your publish. :)