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Pearl in the Sand (By: Tessa Afshar)

Pearl in the Sand
By: Tessa Afshar

Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar is one of our favorite books of all time and part of our Golden List. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

In this story, Tessa Afshar retells the events surrounding the fall of Jericho (around 1,400 B.C.). The young girl Rahab is sold into prostitution by her family to save them from starving to death in a great famine. As she grows older, her heart is mysteriously drawn toward an unseen God that she can't quite explain. 

During this period of personal wrestling, she recognizes two Hebrew men trying to enter her city as spies. She befriends them and asks them about this God who has been stirring her heart. This encounter changes the trajectory of her life. Never could she have dreamed all that the Lord would have planned for her - a new faith, a new family, a new home and a new life. Many of us are familiar with the story of Rahab, the harlot, from the book of Joshua in the Bible, but this is a fascinating, detailed look into what may have been the deeper story. 

Author Tessa Afshar is one of the best there is - she paints characters who are neither victim, nor hero. Through her writing, history comes alive as she draws you in to an exciting world right from the beginning and kept you turning the pages to see what will happen next.

Pearl in the Sand explores the very depths of the human soul. Idolatry, betrayal, wickedness, forgiveness, trust and worth all come up and are handled truthfully and graciously. In fact, Tessa is so good at conquering these difficult issues that you may leave the book examining your own heart and life for lessons that need to be applied! While these principles she writes about may have been written for our main characters, the deep longings of the heart extend to us here in real life too. 

This story is alive and bursting with faith! In its entirety, this Pearl in the Sand is ALL about the Lord, and the work He does in His people. Many of us easily remember the story of Rahab the prostitute, but do we stop to wonder about her faith? How does a Canaanite harlot come to know the Lord? What is the source of her courage to save the Hebrew spies? 

In addition to personal faith, the Old Testament Law and ways of life are beautifully explained in simple terms. If you've ever thought of the Old Testament as boring, this book will surely change your mind!

Squeal Factor
Rahab marries Salmone, an Israelite, and from their line eventually comes Jesus Christ, the Messiah. This book tells their love story and oh, how sweet it is! But a romance between a former prostitute and a leader in Israel is no simple feat - each must deal with the reality of their differences and their pasts. They must learn about redemption, self-sacrifice and humility. As they fall in love, the chemistry and tension crackle and make us fall in love with them too! 

There is no better way to describe Pearl in the Sand than phenomenal!. Honestly, we would have given the story line, depth and faith MORE than five stars if we could have! It was one of the first reads we placed on our Golden List, and appeals to women and men alike. This is one of the few books we would say is worth paying full price for and owning - you will probably read it more than once, and will loan it out quite often!

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