Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Catch a Prince (By: Rachel Hauck)

How to Catch a Prince
By: Rachel Hauck

Book three in the Royal Wedding Series is the best of this trilogy! If your heart pitter-patters at the lives of royals and romance, you won't want to miss this read - it was so good, in fact, that we have added it to our Golden List!


American Heiress Corina Del Rey and Prince Stephen of Brighton (fictional European country much like England) fell in love a lifetime ago - or at least it seems that way. War, death and devastation tore them apart five years ago and each has done their best to forget and move on. Living on different continents, she is trying to get her career as a journalist started and he is a star rugby player. But when Stephen's brother, the King of Brighton, discovers what really lies in their past, Stephen is forced to reconnect with Corina and sort things out. Can these two work through the pain of the past to find love again? At first glance, it appears this book will be utterly predictable (although definitely enjoyable!). But it really isn't! There are surprises along the way, right from the very beginning, and with a bit of mystery thrown in. Seems that just when we knew where the story might be headed, it took another turn in a fantastically exciting direction. With exactly the right amount of plot, character development and action, this book quickly became a page turner.  


This category we were surprised at! Many times books centering around fairy tales, royal weddings and the like are largely fluff, merited on squeal factor and storyline, but this one went the extra mile to be deep and deal with some very harsh realities. Stephen and Corina, although born into privileged lives, are not strangers to grief and devastation. It is a frustrating, arduous journey for each of them (and subsequently us as readers!) to face their pasts, but ultimately is resolved in satisfying redemption.


God is all over this book, from Corina's strong dependence on Jesus to Stephen's journey back to the Lord from bitterness and anger. Corina's ability to hear her Creator speak to her heart, and her obedience to those Words are inspiring, and the Lord gives her the strength to obey Him. Stephen wrestles with where God has been when He has needed him, but (SPOILER alert) his redemption near the end of the book is one of the best we have ever read in a book. A few tears may have even leaked out of our eyes at that point. Also of note in the faith category is the very original storyline of some "heavenly beings" come down to earth to help Corina. Hebrews 13 says we must be sure to entertain strangers, for some may be angels - and this book delves into what that could look like. It was delightful to read!

Squeal Factor

Stephen and Corina have a very deep love for one another, and the chemistry is electric. As they remember their time together from five years previous, their memories are full of intimate, sweet moments that left us cheering for this relationship to find its ground again!


It's been awhile since we have put a book on our Golden List, and this one found it's way there quite unexpectedly! How to Catch a Prince has all the elements needed for a fabulous read. Romantic European settings, a royal family, Heavenly angels masquerading as people, and the depth of story to keep it all realistic makes this a must read for all book lovers. 

Rachel Hauck outdid herself with this one!  
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  1. This book was my favorite of the three. Sooo good. I didn't want it to end.