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Once Upon a Prince (By: Rachel Hauck)

Once Upon a Prince
By: Rachel Hauck

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck is the first book in the Royal Wedding Series. It is a modern day fairy tale that will leave you satisfied and wanting to read the next book in the series!


Susanna Truitt has never been one for fairy tales; she's content marrying the man she has dated for the last 12 years. Adam, her Marine Corps boyfriend, is finally home from his last stint in Afghanistan, and Susanna is hoping for a proposal. Adam, however, breaks up with her; and Susanna comes to see she was more in love with "her plan" than Adam. What will she do now? 

Prince Nathaniel, aka "Nate Kenneth" when traveling and under disguise, is visiting St. Simons Island, GA when he comes to the aid or "rescue" of Susanna more than once. Nathaniel had no intentions of falling for someone, as he is to head home soon and take the place of his ailing father. What happens when a prince and an ordinary girl start falling for each other, but protocol from Brighton Royalty mandates that he may not marry a foreigner? 


Why is Susanna so cautious and wanting to trust in her plan and not "let go?" What in her past is keeping her from living freely in God's will for her? Nathaniel is under immense political pressure at home in Brighton. Not only is he to be King, but he also is being heavily influenced to marry a woman he does not love. We see character development in both Nathaniel and Susanna. It is a light read, a modern day fairy tale, but has more meat to chew on than meets the eye.


Faith is interwoven throughout the story. Both characters rely heavily on prayer and speaking freely to God. Themes of forgiveness, guidance, surrender and trust are beautifully portrayed in this book.

Squeal Factor

Who doesn't love a good fairy tale? That in itself gets us all giddy, wondering how in the world these two will end up together, if in fact they do! Susanna and Nathaniel are great together and the tension between them is real as they are both left wanting something they cannot have.


Anyone who has ever loved a fairy tale will thoroughly enjoy this book! A prince and an ordinary girl falling in love? Yes, please! Enjoy the journey as you read about the challenges and speed bumps that come along the way. By the end I promise you will be wearing a big ol' smile on your face! 

For more after you read this, check out a novella following this storyline called A March Bride; then onto the second and third book  in the series, Princess Ever After and How to Catch a Prince

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