Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Most Inconvenient Marriage (By: Regina Jennings)

A Most Inconvenient Marriage

By: Regina Jennings

Abigail Stuart thought she was Jeremiah Calhoun's widow - until the real Jeremiah turns up alive. This marriage of "convenience" just got a lot more complicated.


The story was very intriguing and original! Almost from the first page, we couldn't wait to see how this plot would resolve itself. Abigail Stuart, nurse to wounded soldiers during the Civil War, agrees to marry Jeremiah Calhoun as he is dying from his war injuries. This way, she will inherit his farm in order to run it and take care of the mother and sister he is leaving behind. After the war is over, Abigail travels to her new home - her late husband's farm. But trouble arises when the real Jeremiah Calhoun shows up on the doorstep, claiming he has never seen her before in his life, and worse yet - he is already engaged to someone else. This exciting story line, with a little bit of suspense and mystery thrown in, makes for a fantastic plot!


This book has a good mix of realistic issues, though deals with them somewhat lightly. If you aren't looking for heavy issues to sink your teeth into, readers will appreciate the honesty of living in Civil War aftermath and painful family issues without being dragged down emotionally.


Our main characters trust in God for protection, provision and guidance. Christian principles are woven throughout the story.

Squeal Factor

As the real Jeremiah and Abigail begin to fall in love, they can't deny the attraction and chemistry at work. They've got some fireworks between them, but also develop a genuine, deep love for one another that is touching and satisfying.


We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! We stepped back onto the pages of history a bit, loved the characters and appreciated having an easy read to escape into.

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