Thursday, January 29, 2015

Worlds Collide (By: Alison Strobel)

Worlds Collide
By: Alison Strobel

This book is one of Christian Fiction's best kept secrets! I have never seen it for sale at my local book store, nor do I frequently hear people discussing it. I'm really not even sure how I discovered it or where I picked up my copy. But like a pearl buried at the bottom of an ocean, this is a treasure you won't want to miss! If you enjoy realistic fairy tales of the "Hollywood heartthrob meets girl next door" variety, you will be swept away in these pages. And unlike so many similar tales, which play at the surface, this one isn't afraid to examine what might be going on way down deep - the struggles, the challenges and the sincerity of such a story. 


This book's strength lies in it's originality! Written from the perspective of a reporter conducting an interview, Jack Harrington and Grace Winslowe's story is more than it appears to be: two people from completely different worlds falling in love. He's a famous actor who lives life on a whim, she's an elementary school teacher who has recently become a Christian. When they meet one night, their "worlds collide" and this sets them on a path neither could have seen coming for their lives. This story is real, it's passionate and fascinating, and reads like a fast-paced biography.


Because their inner struggles are shared so honestly, Jack and Grace's stories dive right in. Author Alison does not shy away from the raw reality of choices and their consequences, nor from the fact that life can be hard. Jack and Grace do not live squeaky clean lives, and wrestle with doing the right things, reconciling with past hurts and mistakes and making them right. .


At it's core, this entire story is about God taking control of a life and turning it completely, wonderfully upside down - with redemption as the theme! God is absolutely the main character here. We are given a bird's eye view to the amazing things He can do! The gospel is clearly laid out several times as we witness both Grace's and Jack's conversions; beyond that we are shown clearly that living a life of faith cannot be shallow. God wants all of us, all of our lives; and when we surrender to that, He is able to do far more than we could ever imagine! The redemption in this book is almost breathtaking.

Squeal Factor

Usually we love our tender, romantic moments, but this book is so good we hardly even noticed the lack of them. However, the chemistry sizzles between our two main characters! And it's worth noting that the very plot itself - famous dreamy guy marries ordinary girl next door - is automatically cause for just a wee bit of squeal factor.


This book is original, intelligent and written so well, we forgot it wasn't real! You will be swept up into this charming story! (SPOILER WARNING) And while we usually love a good, sappy, happily-ever-after ending, this story offers something different - and it's refreshingly real, honest and beautiful. 

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