Friday, January 16, 2015

Love Unexpected (By Jody Hedlund)

Love Unexpected
By: Jody Hedlund

*Note: This is book one of Beacons of Hope Series


This book offers a plot that's been visited before, but nonetheless kept us turning the pages right from the start! Widowed father Patrick is a light-keeper by night and a fisherman by day in 1800's Michigan. When Emma Chambers arrives in town, a traveling preacher suggests she and Patrick could be the answer to each other's desperate situations by getting married. Knowing it could solve several problems at once, the relative strangers agree and quickly say their vows. Lurking on the edges of wedded bliss, however, are dangers from the past that threaten all the new couple is working so hard for. Delightfully, Jody Hedlund adds some mystery to the story and keeps us guessing until the very end about some of the plot twists!


The issues in this book are no walk through the park. Near death experiences, parenting a difficult toddler, and reconciling with past mistakes are just a few components that gave this story flavor- and our main characters' deepest heart longings will reach out to the reader.


Faith is a central factor to the story, and key to the character development. Patrick and Emma both have pasts - his is sordid, hers is sad. He has trouble understanding how God has forgiven him, and she wonders where God has been through all of her loss. Both have a journey of faith to walk to reconcile these things, but God is an ever present help in their time of need throughout the book.

Squeal Factor

Sometimes the best squeal factor comes from the stories of "convenience marriages" and this is no exception! Living in close quarters, being a family and spending so much time together sets up this book well for tender moments between our two main characters. And the vivid setting for these moments - a lighthouse, stormy nights, and warm summer evenings - bring it to life all the more!


Not since the book The Doctor's Lady have we enjoyed one of Jody Hedlund's so much! Love Unexpected has all the right ingredients to ensure an entertaining read. It has enough real life to chew on, enough faith to give us hope and enough mystery and squeal factor to keep us turning the pages late into the night.

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  1. I haven't read this book yet, but I love how you did your review of it! I'll have to see if I can get my eyes on a copy and read it. :) Thanks for being so thorough!