Saturday, January 10, 2015

Five Days in Skye (By: Carla Laureano)

Five Days in Skye
By: Carla Laureano

For people who read so many books, it's hard to know which ones will truly whisk us away and be an enjoyable read. We always give a book a good 60 pages to see if it grabs our attention. Well friends, this one did! We were thrilled to find a great read by a new (to us) author and couldn't wait to share with all of you!


Andrea Sullivan is a Hospitality Consultant who has one shot at grabbing a high profile client or she may not get that promotion she's been working for. Enter Celebrity Chef James MacDonald, who wants to re-open a hotel in his Scottish hometown isle of Skye. Andrea wants to get in, get the contract signed, and leave. James, however, has a much different plan. Andrea is not his typical lady friend, the kind who falls all over him. She is different, deep and independent. The story is filled with beautiful landscapes of Scotland, food you can almost taste, humor and great conversations.


Being in the spotlight has labeled James less than the perfect gentleman, but Carla lets us see the real him and why he doesn't show that side to the world. Andrea has a painful past and because of it, is married to her career. The journey to see if these two people can be mended, and to see if they are a good fit, is one we truly enjoyed.


Faith is definitely subtle at first but picks up momentum throughout the story. Forgiveness, accepting pain from the past and recognizing that God has so much more in the future, is very real. We aren't meant to walk this road alone, for He is - and has always been - there.

Squeal Factor

This book does not disappoint in the squeal factor. Its got sweet, intimate and tender moments between these two characters and Carla keeps it completely clean! Loved it! Sweet kisses, whispers in the ear and tender smiles at each other will capture your heart for these two.


This is one you'll want to read, especially if you love traveling, eating and romance. Hello! Yes please. The characters are lovable, charming and fun. We can hardly wait for the sequel to come out this June.


  1. Awesome review! A thought : maybe you could include a price range symbol --like one $ for a price less than $5.00 and two $$ for $5-$10, etcetera. Also maybe some purchase links to Amazon, or other stores would be nice. Can't wait for more great reviews!

  2. Great thought! Thanks for the suggestion, we'll look at ways to do that for future posts.