Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Love at Any Cost (By: Julie Lessman)

Love at Any Cost
By: Julie Lessman

*Note: This is book one of The Heart of San Francisco Trilogy.


This book is quite the page turner! Cassidy McClare comes to San Francisco to visit her cousins after having her heart broken by a fortune hunting suitor. Almost from the moment she steps off the train, she and Jamie McKenna, a family friend, hit it off and a romance ensues. But there's a problem - Jamie is himself a fortune hunter and Cassidy's wealth has recently dried up - neither of which know about the other. Also introduced in this first book is the saga of another couple - Logan McClare and Caitlin McClare - that adds enough elements to keep this book emotionally exciting. At first we thought the book would be fairly predictable, but that was not the case. The journey is original, exciting and delightful and made for a few late nights of reading with intelligent writing and a heart-stopping plot twist.


Julie does a wonderful job weaving together complicated family history with the current events going on. The characters are complex and facing real life issues of grief, betrayal, love and family. Author Julie isn't afraid to let her characters experience hard realities about life, and she doesn't tie them up neatly with a bow for some quick solutions.


The reality that God desires to be involved in every aspects of people's lives is evident in this book. Cait and Cassie have very deep relationships with Jesus, mostly displayed by their high standards of purity they demand upon their prospective beaus. As such, Logan and Jamie are forced to examine their own standings with God and, when they come up short, then must realize the choice they have between surrender or pride.

Squeal Factor

You will rarely find a good, solid, wholesome book that can get any higher in squeal factor than this! This story is already solid, so the fireworks are the cherry on top here. Lots of tender moments, lots of sweet stolen kisses and lots of chemistry have pushed this book into our Golden List!


This book has all the elements needed - excitement, plot twists, romance, deep faith and just the right amount of activity going on. But be prepared for some sleepless nights if you choose to pick up this gem!


  1. LIT CHICKS ... you pretty much made my day with your incredible review -- BLESS YOU both, and THANK YOU for reading my books!!

    I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and holy holiday season!


  2. Thank you, Julie, for giving us such a great book to read! Happy New Year!