Monday, December 22, 2014

A Broken Kind of Beautiful (By: Katie Ganshert)

A Broken Kind of Beautiful
By: Katie Ganshert

This story is about Ivy Clark, a model who is quickly aging past her prime. As her 25th birthday approaches ("aged" by industry standards), her job offers are drying up after being in the modeling business for over ten years. This story also centers around Davis Knight, a former fashion photographer who has decided to quit the business. The two are thrown together when they are both commissioned to do a photo shoot for Ivy's step mother, Marilyn. The plot is original and interesting, and the lovable characters are well developed.

Books rarely get much deeper than this! As the title indicates, the central theme is brokenness, and Katie Ganshert tackles it wonderfully. All of the characters are dealing with their own kind of brokenness in that life has not turned out the way they planned nor wanted. They all wrestle with these issues and must discover what it takes to be made whole again.

A Broken Kind of Beautiful believes that God is the answer to people's brokenness. He loves the characters where they are at and wants to redeem them. Most notably, they learn that sometimes God asks us to do the hard things - but He is there every step of the way and Has great purpose in it. The redemption in this book is satisfying and deeply written.

Love Story
The only area we would have liked a little more of! A couple of touching scenes between Davis and Ivy grace the pages, but nothing sent our hearts racing.

Overall Overall, a fantastic book and one that stayed with us for quite awhile after we turned the last page. It gave a quick, but fascinating, glimpse into the modeling industry and left us with some deep insights into God's character and His powerful ability to redeem even the most broken of people.

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