Thursday, July 31, 2014


Thanks for stopping by! Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and relax. You are most likely here because you know us personally, or you share our passion for reading. Either way, our hope is that this blog will inspire you!

For years, our friendship has enjoyed a thread of something in common - our mutual love of novels! At first, it simply began as book recommendations to each other. But the more books we found and read together, the more this common passion began to develop into something more. We often find ourselves conversing about characters, plot lines and twists, and squeal factor (more on that below).

Soon, it began to spread to other people around us. Friends now regularly ask us for book recommendations, and we love nothing more than introducing someone into our world of the great books we have enjoyed. Eventually, we couldn't keep track any longer and decided to start a list of favorite books to keep handy for people. Our list has now grown quite long, and is getting bigger every year.

One person who deserves special thanks is our dear friend Julynn, fellow passionate reader. She joins us in our craziness, is the one who first coined the term "2 chicks on lit," and encouraged us to start a blog with our recommendations and conversations.

So what are we going to do? We will keep our "list" here, of course, and will try to write reviews of them all over time. We will also review new books as they come out, as we are able to. We will rate different books according to our star rating system, but also in individual categories such as character development, writing style and squeal factor. What is squeal factor? It's a little term we came up with a few years ago to describe how often we felt like squealing during a book. Really intense, romantic, sweet moments will usually bring this about!!!

And this brings us to another issue - we love our squeal factor, but we only review wholesome books. Mostly you will see Christian fiction here, although some classics will find their way here as well, and, every once in awhile, a clean secular book. We have made a promise before God and our husbands to not read anything graphic, sexual or impure. God is the ultimate author of people's stories - whether real or fictional - and are just as interesting and far more fulfilling when they are honoring to Him.

If you love to read, we sincerely hope our little blog will inspire you with some good ideas.

Happy Reading,
Michelle & Melissa